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Affordable Housing in Craven

The Council works in an enabling capacity with a number of housing providers to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Affordable Housing in Sutton

Craven District Council transferred all of its housing stock to Yorkshire Housing on 31st March 2003 and is no longer a direct provider of affordable housing.

We continue to work closely with Yorkshire Housing and other housing associations and private developers wishing to develop in Craven to maximise opportunities to build and acquire affordable housing to meet the housing needs of our district.

What is Affordable Housing?

This is housing provided at below market costs for local people who are unable to afford market priced accommodation to either rent or buy.  Affordable housing is therefore cheaper than market housing and can be for sale or rent. For further information about the different types of affordable housing available, please go to our housing 'information and advice' web pages.

How do we provide Affordable Housing?

The Council works with housing associations, now known as Registered Providers (RPs) and the Homes and Communities Agency (the Government's funding agency) to identify and fund affordable housing.  We also work with private developers and use the planning process to provide affordable housing as part of larger housing developments. We have also contributed Council owned land to provide additional affordable homes and we are building our own houses too. For further information about new affordable housing developments and opportunities, please go to our ' affordable homes available soon' web page.

  • affordablehomesthumbnailAffordable Homes Available Soon

    Affordable Homes Available Soon

    The following homes are currently being built within the Craven district and will be available within the next 12 months. To find out more about the eligibility criteria to rent or buy these new homes, please click on the links for the individual schemes listed below.

  • Renting GrassingtonRural housing enablers

    Rural housing enablers

    Working on behalf of the North Yorkshire, City of York & East Riding Strategic Housing Board, the seven North Yorkshire local authorities have established a network of enablers who are working to identify the needs of rural communities. The North Yorkshire Rural Housing Enablers' network, launched in 2008, helps rural communities find solutions for the increasing problem of shortages in affordable housing.

  • G&TsGypsy and traveller sites

    Gypsy and traveller sites

    Information regarding the provision and management of permanent sites within Craven and North Yorkshire, and the assessed need for sites within Craven and support available..

  • movingHelp to buy Shared Ownership

    Help to buy Shared Ownership

    This page provides more details on what "shared ownership" is and how to qualify.