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Pollution Control - air

The Environmental Health team deal with a range of local air pollution issues.

  • Picture top depict industrial processesPermitted Processes

    Permitted Processes

    The Council regulates a range of commercial and industrial processes that could give rise to polluting emissions.

  • Picture of skyAir Quality

    Air Quality

    The Council is responsible for reviewing and assessing the quality of outdoor air in Craven to determine whether local air quality meets required government standards.

  • Picture to depict commercial burningCommercial Burning

    Commercial Burning

    Dark smoke emissions from open burning on industrial or trade premises, including demolition sites, agricultural land or any other land used in connection with a trade or business is prohibited by the Clean Air Act 1993.

  • BonfireBonfires


    Smoke may be classed as a statutory nuisance under Section 79 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

  • Smoking chimney to illustrate smoke controlSmoke Control Areas

    Smoke Control Areas

    Certain areas of Craven have been designated Smoke Control Areas since the 1970's. This is to prevent air pollution and the resulting ill health caused by the burning of coal and wood.