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Standards Committee

The role of the Committee is to promote and maintain high standards of conduct for District and Parish Councillors and to advise Councillors on matters of conduct. The Committee's terms of reference cover reviewing and monitoring of the Council's Member related protocols and the Code of Conduct.

The role of the Standards Committee is to promote and maintain high standards of conduct and to advise both District and Parish Councillors on matters of conduct. Details of the Committee's terms of reference can be found on page 10 of word icon Committee Terms of Reference 2011 [86kb].

The Committee is composed of five Craven District Councillors; and four non-voting Parish Councillors from parishes wholly within the Craven District. The current membership is as follows:

Craven District Councillors : Councillors Ireton (Chairman), Clark, Solloway and one vacancy.

Parish Council Members (non voting) : Councillor Hazel Chatwin (Embsay with Eastby Parish Council) Councillor Pamela Heseltine (Skipton Town Council), Councillor Michael Rooze and Councillor Robert Stead (Embsay with Eastby Parish Council).

The Council is also  required to appoint an independent person. The views of the Independent person are sought by the Council's Monitoring Officer and Standards Sub-Committee when considering allegations of misconduct against either a member of Craven District Council or a parish councillor. The Independent Person's views may also be sought by councillors or parish councillors who are complained against. The Independent Person is not a member of the Standards Committee.  (S)he may be invited to attend meetings and comment, but not vote, on matters relating to conduct and protocols. Appointments to the role of Independent Person have been made as follows:

Independent Person : John Boumphrey; first substitute - vacancy; and second substitute - vacancy.

If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulty downloading papers from this page, please contact the Democratic Services Team by e-mailing or by telephone on 01756 706235 .

[Note:  If you require any committee documents before May 2010, please email us.]