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Chairman of Council

The Chairman of Craven District Council is elected each year at the Annual Council Meeting, which is usually held in May each year.

Cllr Moorby chairman The Chairman of Craven District Council is the First Citizen of Craven and represents the Craven community at events throughout the District, in other parts of North Yorkshire and, occasionally, in the neighbouring areas of Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

The current Chairman is Councillor Robert Christopher MOORBY (Conservative).

The Chairman's Good Cause

The Chairman normally nominates a charity as a 'Good Cause'.  The current Chairman's good cause is the Marie Curie charity.

Inviting the Chairman to your event

If you would like to invite the Chairman to attend your event please use the online form, or e-mail or contact the Chairman's Secretary on 01756 706274.

You may find it useful to review these word icon Civic protocol notes [70kb].