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Our mobile website

Craven District Council has a mobile website for people out and about in Craven using smartphones to access the web.

Mobile website This link opens in a new browser windowSmartphone users are automatically diverted to the mobile website.  Its home page and menu focusses on the services we believe a mobile user will need. 

All the information from the main website is available to 'Search' on the mobile website, and you can return to the original 'Desktop Site' if you wish via a button at the bottom of every screen on the mobile site.

For tablet users and other users at home or in business, the original 'desktop site' has more navigation options and facilities (but doesn't work as well with touch screens).

You can also access the mobile website via the direct link  or via the 'Mobile website' link at the top of every page on the 'desktop site'.  NB it will not be exactly the same experience if viewed on a PC or laptop.