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Demolition - Control and Advice

Powers in relation to the demolition of buildings.


When intending to demolish a building or part of a building, notice must be be given to the Local Authority which is usually a minimum of six weeks prior to work commencing.  The Council can make certain conditions about such things as the sealing of drains and the support and weatherproofing of adjacent buildings.

The Notice of Demolition Form - Section 80 is available to download, please send the completed form to the address at the top of the notice.

The notice must clearly show the premises or part to be demolished and have a copy of a suitable location plan showing the premises, adjacent buildings and roads.

A copy of the notice my also need to be forwarded to: -

  • The occupier of any adjacent building
  • Statutory undertakers such as gas, water, telephone, drainage and any other utility companies likely to be affected.
  • The Health and Safety Executive

The prior written approval of the relevant Planning Authority may also be required for some demolition works.  You are advised to check with either Craven District Council or The Yorkshire Dales National Park Planning Authority as appropriate prior to commencement of any demolition works.

You should also contact North Yorkshire County Council Highways Department about any works or fencing affecting any footpaths or highways, or excavations in the Highway. You will become legally liable for any damage caused to any highway or footpath or drain caused during the demolition works. You are advised to photograph all the area before the demolition commences and note any existing damage to streets, footpaths and adjoining buildings.