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Help us tackle fly-tipping in Craven

Craven District Council has been made aware of a number of fly-tipping incidents recently - we need your help to deal with it!

fly tipping

Fly-tipping can be difficult to prosecute and we need help from members of the public in order to take action against those who spoil our countryside.

Ideally, we need people to report number plates and descriptions of those vehicles and persons who are responsible for tipping waste.

We then need the witness to give a formal statement so we can proceed.

Council officers will also examine the waste for any evidence, so it is important this is not tampered with by residents.

A council spokesman said: "When fly-tipping is reported to us, officers visit the site and examine the waste.

"We do need to collect evidence in order to make a case against any fly-tippers. However the evidence does have to be robust enough to stand up in court. Receipts or addresses need to be found on the site by an authorised officer so the evidence chain can be kept - if potential evidence is moved, that can make it more difficult.

"If we can find the details of the original owners of the waste, we can contact them so they can clarify how their waste has appeared at that location.

"The investigation will follow this path until we have someone who has admitted it or if we have enough evidence identifying a specific person or company to prosecute.

"Once we have examined the waste for evidence, waste management officers will clear the site."

Anyone with any information about fly-tipping in Craven can report it by calling 01756 706255 or by filling in this online form: