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  • Countryside - information and adviceCountryside - information and advice

    Countryside - information and advice

    Information about the facilities available in the local countryside.

  • Countryside - educational packsCountryside - educational packs

    Countryside - educational packs

    Countryside educational packs may be provided by North Yorkshire County Council.

  • Picture of the Town HallCountryside - events

    Countryside - events

    Countryside - events

  • Countryside - visitor centresCountryside - visitor centres

    Countryside - visitor centres

    Countryside visitor centres may provide facilities for the public to learn about the local area by means of exhibitions, talks and guided walks etc. Visitor centres may also provide refreshments and toilet facilities.

  • Countryside - surveysCountryside - surveys

    Countryside - surveys

    The local authority in conjunction with partner organisations (wildlife trusts etc.) or volunteer groups may carry out surveys of the local countryside in order to determine the diversity and density of flora and fauna within the local environment.

  • Landscape - character assessmentLandscape - Character Assessment

    Landscape - Character Assessment

    Landscape Character Assessments involve the systematic analysis, description and classification of the landscape. This helps develop appropriate recommendations for its future conservation and management.

  • Countryside management projectsCountryside management projects

    Countryside management projects

    Countryside Management Projects care for the countryside through practical action. They rely on the active involvement of local communities - enabling people to play a vital part in looking after their local environment. Countryside Management focuses on nature conservation, access and informal recreation issues.

  • Countryside conservationCountryside conservation

    Countryside conservation

    The countryside conservation service provides advice on the protection and enhancement both the local rural environment and wildlife. Grants may also be provided to develop areas of the countryside for public use and education.

  • Farm managementFarm management

    Farm management

    Farms and smallholdings managed by the local authority on behalf of the community. Councils may also offer advice on help on all aspects of conservation and farming, including production of grant applications to local residents.

  • Rural development Rural development

    Rural development

    We are committed to protecting and enhancing the surrounding countryside, for the enjoyment of today's public and for future generations. Such commitments are set out in within the Council's Planning Policy Documents.

  • Forest and woodland managementForest and woodland management

    Forest and woodland management

    Forest and woodland management

  • Ranger servicesRanger services

    Ranger services

    The countryside ranger service manages the countryside sites. The rangers carry out practical conservation work and environmental education in addition to organising events and activities.

  • Countryside – volunteersCountryside - volunteers

    Countryside - volunteers

    This is a voluntarily service available to anyone who would like to take an active part in looking after the countryside.

  • Residential study centres

    For 40 years the four Centres have been offering residential outdoor activity courses to schools and adults. We now offer courses to people from all organisations, ranging from a one day experience to longer residential's and expeditions. All our courses are tailored to your needs.

  • Countryside - local access forum

    Under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, North Yorkshire County Council has a statutory duty to establish a Local Access Forum. The main purpose of the Local Access Forum is to provide advice to the County Council and other public bodies on how to make the countryside more accessible for open air recreation.

  • Farm managementFarming - advice and support

    Farming - advice and support

    Farmers in recent years have been confronted with many difficulties - foot and mouth, BSE, falling livestock prices and dairy incomes, a strong pound and now, proposed changes to the Common Agricultural Policy and European funding. It all adds up to the biggest threat hill farming has ever faced.

  • Farm managementFarming - feed hygiene registration

    Farming - feed hygiene registration

    The Feed (Hygiene & Enforcement)(England) Regulations 2005 require registration with the local authority of all businesses that make, use or market animal feeds (including farms but excluding pet food retailers).

  • Waterfall in Giggleswick Conservation AreaCountryside - access land

    Countryside - access land

    The Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000 appoints Access Authorities to manage the opening-up of Access Land to the public. The Access Authority is responsible for identifying potential areas of Access Land and enforcing the opening of these areas; it is also responsible for improving and maintaining access to Access Land, e.g. by installing new gates or removing obstructions. In National Parks, the Access Authority is the relevant National Park Authority; elsewhere, it is the local highway authority. The Countryside Agency is responsible for maintaining the definitive map of Access Land.