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New recycling arrangements from April 1, 2017

From April 1, 2017, we are changing the way we collect your recycling - and your collection day may be changing too.

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What is changing from April 1, 2017?

We are making it easier to collect your recycling waste: all your recyclables (paper, cans, plastic, glass and card) will be collected on the same day in the blue bin. This takes away the need for multiple visits and removes the need for blue bags.

Collection days will also change for some residents, and collections will start at a slightly earlier time of 6.30am.

The new collection arrangements means you have one collection once a week on the same day. In week 1 you will present your green wheeled bin for residual waste for emptying, then in week 2 you will present your blue bin/pod for emptying. This means we no longer have to use blue bags.

The government has set a target that all local authorities are to achieve 50% recycling by 2020. The new collection arrangements will help us to get there and achieve what we are being asked to do.

The final blue bag collection will take place in the week beginning March 20, or March 27, depending on which collection week households are on. Blue bags will no longer be collected after March 31.

Leaflets informing residents of the changes have been sent out with council tax bills and all households are receiving a further information pack, including a new collection calendar before the end of March.

What can I put in my blue bin from April 1, 2017?

Recycling materials 2017

How do I request a blue bin?

Properties which do not currently have a blue bin can request one free of charge. You can order a bin online at or call our Customer Services team on 01756 700600. If your property has limited storage, we can provide you with recycling pods.

What are the alternatives for recycling my materials?

Householders can also take recyclables to a local recycling bring site, or Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC), where it will be recycled. However, if you regularly produce a large amount of recyclable waste, you can request an additional recycling bin, which is free of charge. To find your nearest bring site or HWRC, please refer to our website or contact our Customer Services team.

Can the blue bags be recycled?

Unfortunately we are unable to recycle your blue bag therefore these can be kept for your own use such as for storing toys, gardening hand tools etc. Otherwise they can be placed in your green bin for general waste.

Will my collection day change?

Your collection day may change and the time may differ from what you may have become accustomed to.  Collections will also start at an earlier time of 6.30am. Please note this start time will also apply to the green bin collections. Please refer to your new collection calendar, enclosed in your information pack for your new dates. 

Can we recycle other types of plastic?

At this current time we are only able to accept plastic bottles which are types 1 & 2. However we are always looking to introduce more materials into the recycling stream and hope we can expand the range of plastic materials in the future. Please look out for future details on our website, local press and social media.