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Household waste - rubbish collections

Information on the household waste collection service.

Craven District Council now operates an alternate weekly collection service, where residual rubbish stored in a green bin or lilac sacks is collected one week, recycling on the next week. This has enabled the council to provide kerbside recycling collections of glass, cans, plastic bottles, paper and card to all residents.

Why have we decided to change from a weekly collection service to alternate weekly?

We have to significantly increase recycling and reduce the amount of biodegradable waste going to landfill. As well as the ever increasing costs of waste disposal, sending recyclables to landfill is a waste of our limited resources; also landfills produce gases that contribute to climate change.  If we fail to increase our recycling rates, the council could be hit with large fines, affecting council tax payers.

What bins should I use?

Properties have been issued with a

Please click on the bin type above for more details on what you can and can not place in your bin.

How to find your collection dates

To find your collection details, please go to When will my bins be emptied page.  Please note new waste collection calendars will be issued to every household by the end of March.

Placing your refuse out for collection

All bins should be placed safely at the kerbside or designated collection point by 6:30am on the day of collection.

Missed collections

In the unlikely event that we have missed your refuse and/or recycling collection, please complete our report a missed recycling/refuse collection form. If we have attached a contamination tag to your refuse or recycling bin this indicates that you may have placed waste materials in the bin that cannot be recycled, or recyclable materials in the wrong bin. If this is the case please remove these items from the bin and present the bin for emptying on the next scheduled collection day.

Assisted collections

We offer an assisted collection service for those finding it difficult to put out their refuse and recycling for collection. Please see our Assisted refuse collection page for more details.

Requesting new/replacement bins

To request a bin or report a missing or damaged bin, please complete our online forms to request a replacement or contact Customer Services on 01756 700600. 

Please note a charge will be made to replace lost/stolen bins and for additional recycling bin requests.  If you are moving into a new or previously empty property and want to be added to the waste and recycling collections, please contact Customer Services on 01756 700600.  You must be registered for council tax to be eligible for household waste and recycling collections.

Bulky household waste collections

We can arrange the collection of bulky items from households across Craven District.  Please see Household waste - special collections for large items page for more details

If you require any further information, please see the related pages or contact Customer Services on 01756 700600 or email