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Municipal waste strategy

Information on how The York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership aims to find cost effective solutions and enable the Council to meet central government waste management targets.

The York & North Yorkshire Waste Partnership

In order to better deal with the waste problem in this country, the Government has urged Councils to develop partnership working. The York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership (the 'Partnership') was formed in 1998 when all waste collection and disposal councils in York and North Yorkshire began working closely together. The Partnership's aim is to arrive at cost effective solutions to deliver more sustainable ways of dealing with waste.

The Partnership comprises Craven, Hambleton, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Richmondshire, Ryedale, Scarborough, Selby and York Councils.

Following a comprehensive consultation process with householders across the Partnership area, a Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy was developed, setting out ways that waste will be dealt with in the future. Challenging targets for waste reduction, recycling and disposal mean that there will be very different ways in dealing with waste in the future, other than the traditional method of landfill.

The first strategy, entitled 'Let's Talk Rubbish' was produced in July 2002 as a response to new EU and UK waste legislation. Since that time, new laws were introduced, which meant that a new strategy had to be developed to ensure that the Partnership was able to respond to changes and be able to meet demanding new targets.

An updated strategy entitled 'Let's Talk Less Rubbish' was formally adopted in June 2006 by all elected Members in the relevant authorities and sets out how waste in York and North Yorkshire will be dealt with, up until 2026. This Municipal Waste Management Strategy is the basis of the majority of the work carried out by the York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership.

To find out what's happening with waste collection and disposal across North Yorkshire, and to download the Joint Municipal Waste Strategy,  visit the York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership website.