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Recycling - residential collections

Information about kerbside recycling collections

Craven District Council provides an alternative week collection of recycling and general waste.  For further details, please see the Household waste - rubbish collections page.

For details on what goes in your recycling bins, please see the Recycling bins page.

From April 1, 2017, we are changing the way we collect your recycling, making it easier for you to recycle.

The collection arrangements will be simplified: all your recyclates (paper, cans, plastic, glass and card) will be collected on the same day in the blue bin. This takes away the need for multiple visits and removes the need for blue bags.

For more information click here: New recycling arrangements from April 1, 2017

How to find your collection dates

To find your collection details, please go to When will my bins be emptied page.  You can also request a refuse and recycling calendar by contacting Customer Services on 01756 700600.

Placing your recycling out for collection

All bins should be placed safely at the kerbside or designated collection point by 6.30am on the day of collection, ready for emptying.

Missed collections

In the event that we have missed your recycling collection, please complete our Report a missed bin collection form or contact our Customer Services team on 01756 700600.  If we have attached a contamination tag to your recycling bin this indicates that you may have placed waste materials in the bin that cannot be recycled, or recyclable materials in the wrong bin.  If this is the case, please remove these items from the recycling bin and present the bin for emptying on the next scheduled collection day.

Assisted collections

If you are unable to move your waste and recycling bins to the kerbside for collection due to a disability or medical condition or if you are aged 80 years and over you may be eligible for our assisted collection scheme. Please see Assisted refuse collection page for further information on assisted collections.

Requesting new/replacement bins

If you wish to request a bin or pod, or report a missing or damaged bin, please complete our online form(s) below or contact Customer Services on 01756 700600. 

Request a new/replacement blue bin
Request a replacement brown bin

Please note a charge will be made to replace lost/stolen bins and for additional recycling bin requests. If you are moving into a new or previously empty property and wish to request commencement of waste and recycling collections, please contact Customer Services on 01756 700600.  You must be registered for council tax to be eligible for a household waste and recycling collection.

If you require any further information regarding our kerbside recycling schemes, please see the related pages or contact Customer Services on 01756 700600.