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Arts Development in Craven

The Council's Arts Development service supports, networks, promotes and offers advice to anyone interested in delivering and developing arts activities in Craven.

For instance, if a Festival wants to make an application to the Arts Council for a grant: the Council's Arts Development officer will work through the application with the festival fundraiser to ensure it's the best it can be.

An individual wants to set up a new arts organisation to be able to offer workshops to schools: the Arts Development officer will help them work out the legal things that need to be done to set up as a business, and if possible help find a suitable venue.

Perhaps a group of people in a village want to improve the village hall so that it can be better equipped for plays and concerts: they can talk to the Arts Development officer to find people with the expertise to help suggest the right equipment - and the places where they may get funding.

If you are

  • working in the creative industries
  • an arts professional
  • taking part in arts hobbies at home (voluntary arts)
  • organising a community arts or cultural event

please see the sections below for more details of ways in which the Council may be able to help you or contact the Council's Arts Development Officer, Catherine Johnson