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Household Waste FAQ for special collections for large items

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Waste Management Services' bulky household waste collection service.

Q. What items can be collected?

A. We will collect a wide range of items that are too big to go in your refuse bin, such as broken and unwanted furniture, 3 piece suites, beds and kitchen appliances. In general, items which you would take with you when you move house. We do not take any fixture and fittings.  See this list for some examples of items that we can, and cannot, collect.

Q. Is there a charge?

A. Yes, see our tarriffs .

Q. Are there any payment concessions?

A. There are no concessions, regardless of those in receipt of benefits or over 60 years of age.

Q. Will I be given a collection day?

A. When you book your collection, you will be given a provisional collection day. Your collection date will be confirmed within 1-2 working days of your payment being received.

Q. What if I have over 5 items that need collecting?

A. If you have over 5 items that require collecting, an inspection may be required to determine a price for collection, which will be at the hourly rate. Please contact Customer Services for a quote on 01756 700600.

Q. Can I add more items once I have already paid for a collection?

A. Yes, but only if you have not requested more than 3 items. For example, if you have requested 1 item, you can add 2 additional items. If you have requested 2 items, you can add 1 additional item. Please note during busier times we will not be able to accept additional items if requested after the original booking has been made.

If you have already requested for 3 items to be collected, a separate chargeable collection will need to be arranged.  Additional items will only be accepted if capacity is available on collection day.  If 

Q. Can I cancel my collection once I have paid?

A. Yes, however no refund will be given.

Q. Are there alternative options for disposal of unwanted items

A. Yes, charity shops and various other organisations might be able to re-use your items.  See our notes for advice on  this and other options.  And if you are able to transport the item yourself, large items like old cookers and washing machines can be disposed of at the recycling sites at Skibeden in Skipton and Sowarth Field in Settle, both sites operated by North Yorkshire County Council