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Household waste - clinical waste

Information and advice on clinical waste collections from domestic premises

Clinical Waste

We can arrange the collection and disposal of clinical waste bags.  If you require this service, contact waste management on 01756 700600 or email

Incontinence pads may be disposed of in your normal green wheeled bin.  If this causes a problem of capacity because of the alternate weekly collection arrangements, please contact Waste Management for advice on 01756 700600 or email


All syringes must be safely disposed of.  If you use syringes for the treatment of a medical condition, your GP should prescribe you with a Sharps container for hygienic disposal of used equipment. This container should then be returned to your medical practice for safe collection and disposal.

If you see a syringe on the street or footpath, do not under any circumstances attempt to pick it up and dispose of it yourself. Please contact Waste Management Services on 01756 700600 as soon as possible and we will arrange for it to be collected by one of our operatives.