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Concession Card

The Concession Card offers reduced rates for sports activities at Craven Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre for those who qualify.


The concessionary card offers reduced prices for use of activities at

The Concession Card is designed to assist those customers in receipt of certain benefits (or by age) qualify for discounts for sports activities at Craven Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre. You do not have to live in Craven to qualify. You will need to contact the Centre in order to apply and you will have to bring along proof of entitlement to the Centre in order for us to complete your membership.

What is a Concession Card?

Pool Hoist

The Concession Card, also known as the access card reduces the prices for use of activities at Craven Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre.

All Customers can benefit both financially and improve their health and fitness, by joining the scheme.

NB: please note that working/family tax credit are top up allowances and are not eligible for qualification.

Do I Qualify?

If you are between the age of 16 or over and in receipt of certain benefits or over 60 years old you are eligible for an Concession Card for use at all participating centres and swimming pools.

Qualifying Criteria & proof required:

CategoryProof Required
Job seekersNotification Letter
Income SupportNotification Letter
Housing BenefitNotification Letter
Disability Living Allowance (med - high)Notification Letter
Carer's AllowanceNotification Letter
Full Time StudentNotification Letter
Incapacity BenefitNotification Letter
Exercise Referral (GDP)Notification Letter
Over 60Passport or Driving Licence

What will the Concession Card cost me?

The card is completely free you are required to complete a simple application process and bring along proof of entitlement (listed on the application).

What Facilities are available under the Scheme?

  • Swimming
  • Health Site
  • Fitness Suite.

Swimming lessons and exercise classes are not available under this scheme.

How do I obtain a Concession Card?

To take advantage of the Concession Card, you will need to either contact us on the details above or complete apdf icon Concession Card [182kb]. If you cannot complete this form or print it out you can email us with your contact details and we will post a leaflet to you.

Remember, without a Concession Card, you will have to pay the higher rates for the same facilities!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can complete the electronic application form below, but you will need to bring along proof of your entitlement to Craven Swimming Pool & Fitness Centre, so that we can complete your application. Alternatively you can download a copy of the form (at the top of this page) complete it and bring it to the Centre.